Choosing a name for your baby is a big responsibility, and most parents-to-be take the task very seriously. Here are some sites to help you with the process:

B.C. Vital Statistics Agency – An annual list of names chosen for children born in B.C., created to identify current trends. Organized by gender and year, with data going back to 2007. Includes a helpful link to FAQ’s as well as a link for asking questions via email.

Vancouver Sun baby name registry – a searchable database of actual baby-names used in B.C., with data going back to 1900. Includes a function for sur-names.

My – Search for baby names by meaning, origin, or popularity. Can create a ‘short-list’ of favourites that you can return to.

In B.C., parent(s) are required to register their baby’s name within 30 days after the birth. If you give birth in hospital, when you are discharged you will receive the appropriate form to do this; if you give birth at home, your midwife will provide you with the form. Through a partnering agreement between B.C. Vital Statistics and the Canada Revenue Agency you can also apply for theCanada Child Tax Benefit using the same form. For information on completing and submitting the form, and how to order a birth certificate for your child, see B.C. Vital Statistics’ “How to Register a Birth”.