Birth Transitions does not follow any specific childbirth philosophy (e.g. Lamaze, or Bradley method).

We do have beliefs about the process of childbirth, however.
Those beliefs and philosophies underly what we offer in our prenatal classes.

Our Philosophy

We believe Birth is a natural and spontaneous physiological event, which is unique to every woman, partner, and baby. Individuals bring their own abilities, experience, and beliefs to each birth.

We believe that Birth, as an integral part of the the life-cycle, provides an opportunity for personal and family growth and development. We promote recognition of, and confidence in, one’s own ability to birth.

We support individuals in freedom of choice through knowledge of alternatives, and provide information on options throughout the childbearing year. As advocates for the family, we respect and honour their individual choices.

We promote and support positive change within the childbearing community.

Our Mission

“To provide high-quality pre-natal classes to pregnant women and their partners, so that they are informed and empowered to have a birth experience that is unique and satisfying to them.”