Going through some papers from a few years back, I found this class evaluation, written by a Dad who took a Weekend Workshop with me in Burnaby. The class took a total of 8 or 9 hours – not much time for a pregnant father to really prepare. But with eloquence and thoughtfulness this man describes the insights he came to in two short days:

I’m very happy that I attended these prenatal classes. Lots of men say “Oh, don’t go…you don’t need it, etc.” But it was great. I especially liked the way you brought to the surface how birth is such an emotional and spiritual situation: MIND, BODY, SOUL. We didn’t just receive the facts in these classes, but we explored human emotions, and you’ve given us ideas on how we ourselves (Mom and Dad) can look at birth in a spiritual way.

Maybe because the time is coming nearer I’m thinking about the labour and delivery more, and my role as a father. But I think it is more the fact that we have seen births on video now, and discussed in class just how important the Dad is to the experience of labour and birth. I’m really, really looking forward to the whole experience.”