About Birth Transitions

All of Birth Transitions prenatal classes are taught by Trudy Noort.

Trudy provides classes at the Maple Ridge, Coquitlam and Port Moody locations.  She also teaches private classes from Mission through to Burnaby, and in Langley/Cloverdale/Surrey.


Trudy Noort is the founder of Birth Transitions prenatal classes. A qualified childbirth educator and doula (labour support person), she has been helping women and their partners make the transition through childbirth into parenting for over 30 years.

After giving birth to her first child in 1987, Trudy trained as a childbirth educator with the Greater Vancouver Childbirth Education Association, and then went on to certify with the International Childbirth Education Association. In the ensuing years her prenatal classes, taught in Burnaby, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge and surrounding areas, have helped several thousand birthing women and their partners prepare for childbirth.

Trudy has also been providing professional labour support as a doula since 1991, serving couples living in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby, New Westminster and Vancouver.

As a La Leche League Leader Trudy provided counseling and education to breastfeeding mothers in her home community of Maple Ridge from 1992 until 2005. She also worked for several years as a post-partum doula, and is herself the mother of three grown children.

Trudy feels that it is important to get good prenatal care during the childbearing years.  High-quality prenatal classes are an important part of that prenatal care, and can contribute to getting new families off to a good start:

“When a woman gives birth with confidence and dignity she becomes aware of her own strength, resilience and inner resources. Ideally, she will always recall the day she gave birth as a time when she discovered new and profound things about herself and her partner. This personal growth builds a firm foundation for becoming a mother; it enables her to relate to herself, her partner and their children with compassion, respect and kindness.”

Trudy brings these same qualities to her classes. Her warm personality, sense of humour and years of experience make her a dynamic educator and facilitator – using a variety of teaching techniques she presents information effectively and engagingly. In her classes you will learn useful skills and approaches to help you confidently meet the emotional and physical challenges of labour.

Her goal is to help you make the transition into parenthood, however that unfolds for you, with awareness, self-assurance, and ultimately joy and satisfaction.

Comments from Trudy’s clients:

“We have known Trudy for over thirteen years (since the birth of our firstborn). We first met at La Leche League meetings, and I found her help there to be indispensable. She was confident, caring, informative and encouraging. Little did I know that four years later I would get to know her even better!

After having a terrible second pregnancy and delivery, I wanted something very different for my third pregnancy. So, feeling nervous, I contacted Trudy and asked her if she would be my doula. My husband was supportive of this and got to know Trudy too. She spent many hours with us, taking a keen interest in our oldest son, and agreed that a different and positive birthing experience was not out of the question. It was more than possible! Through talks, laughter and questions/answers we had another beautiful son with Trudy right by our side.

Her outpouring of help, support and really taking care of me as a labouring mother was just what I needed to help calm my fears of re-enacting the previous scary birth experience. From being at my side and helping time the contractions to making me tea and toast, Trudy was totally involved in securing a sense of ease and wonder at the birth of our son. My husband was free to hold my hand and take in the entire event which helped him to release fear from the second pregnancy/birth experience. We were able to enjoy and marvel at the whole experience.

Trudy’s genuine love and care is something I will never forget, and after all these years she still remembers many details about that very day! She is kind, warm, listens with her whole heart and she really gets to know what parents want for such a special time in their lives. We are blessed to know her!”
– Shannon Pauls, Maple Ridge
Funny Mom and Dad touch each other with their bellies outdoor
“Our prenatal classes were casual and relaxed, but also very educational.Trudy was kind and patient, and also very open to each person’s preferences and needs.”
– Holly, Port Moody

“Through our prenatal classes we gained knowledge that proved to be invaluable during a challenging birth experience. The period after the birth of our daughter was also difficult, and we are grateful for the concern, compassion and loving gentleness that Trudy extended to us at that time.”
– Rachel and Glenn, Mission